Friday, September 25, 2009

Leaving Paris

We started the next day with getting up early-ish and trying to figure out the Paris train system. We wanted to get on a train to Mont St. Michel. All this time we had walked all over Paris. This was not only great exercise and a bit time consuming, but we really got to know the city. It did make our day a little more complicated. We asked the local subway info desk and they informed us that we needed to be at the regional train station across town. In order to do this we had to figure out the subway system. We go our tickets and went downstairs and started asking for help. We ended up asking a local off-duty policeman who not only showed us how to get to where we wanted to go, but took us there himself! He walked us through how the train system works and helped in translating a few things. After this we had no problems getting around.

It should be noted that the stereotype that the French, especially Parisians, are snooty and mean is absolutely not true at all. Almost every single person that we've encountered on this trip has been incredibly helpful going way out of their way to help us even when we don't need it! They bear with us stumbling through French and butchering their language and have just been wonderful hosts to us on our trip.

We went back to our hotel and packed and Alexia took a shower. We then took the subway back to the train station and hopped on a train to Rennes. The train was incredibly fast; it probably hit 150 mph or more. When we went through a tunnel our ears popped from the pressure of the air being displaced by the train and having nowhere to go in a tunnel. It was pretty uncomfortable at first.

We saw a lot from the train such as a wind farm, fields, rivers, and small cities. In Rennes we got on a but that took us to Beauvoir where we were going to stay for a while. The bus took small one lane roads through the country side. It was such a beautiful journey. Once in Beauvoir, we checked into the hotel and relaxed. We took the free rental bikes of the hotel to a small local restaurant that was recommended to us by the receptionist. It was good food but took forever to come out. I think the meal took about three hours just because the food came out so slowly. At least the food was very good. This was the first time we had ordered from a set menu on this trip and it was a great experience. Ellis had a very nice salad for the starter, then a big slice of ham that was grilled with a cider sauce served with veggies and other good things, and then for dessert some of the best ice cream we've ever had. Alexia had a house made paté with a salad, grilled chicken with roasted vegetables, and a strange custard bread that wasn't really sweet; it was interesting.

After dinner, we walked the bikes back to the hotel because it was dark and we didn't feel like getting killed by cars, and pretty immediately fell asleep.

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