Thursday, September 3, 2009

Limassol Wine Festival

Please forgive me for any misspellings or grammatical errors. This evening we went to the annual wine festival in Limassol. This festival is put on by the city of Limassol every September and everything is subsidized by the municipality. It was quite the production. Seattle should really have something like this. Not only does it stimulate the wine industry, it also provides money for all of the vendors that are selling their wares and food.

It was a pretty great deal. We paid 5€ to get in and another 2€ for a nice stemmed wine glass. This got us free unlimited glasses of wine. Our admission ticket got us one free bottle of wine of our choosing of those the vendors provided. Unfortunately, they didn't give away the good bottles of wine for tasting as free bottles. So we got the best we could.

With all the wine you could drink at one low price, of course we got good and buzzed. We only spent just under 2 hours there but managed to drink close to our limits. We went to wait for Joanna at the place we were dropped off. She and Lia, Alexia's Aunt, picked us up. On the way back to Lia's 's apartment, Alexia said random directions in Greek to Joanna in an attempt to confuse her. Luckily, she knew how to tune Alexia out. We made it to Lia's apartment and continued back to Nicosia. On the way home we had drunken conversations on math theory (Math 308 at UW) and how confusing it really was. Philip, Alexia's brother, had just finished his second year at UW at was irritated at how hard math was at UW. My mom just drove an enjoyed listening to our heated drunken debate.    

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