Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Mountains

Thanks for bearing with us through the myriad of posts crammed full of information. This blog is as much a journal of our trip for us as it way to share information and stories with you guys. We are so excited about this trip and are having such a good time, we want to remember everything.

Today we went to the mountain range of Troodos for the second time. Troodos is a mountain range in the center of the country. The peak is Mount Olympos, which is 1951 meters high. It is pretty impressive considering the rest of the country is not much above sea level. The road up the mountain is a driver's heaven. It's winding with banked corners and an amazing view. Every time we see it we're yearning for a small rear-wheel-drive sports car to just go crazy in. Unfortunately we're in an underpowered Chevy Lasetti driven by Alexia's mother. This is a driver's hell.

The mountain range is peppered by tiny, picturesque villages that look un-touched by the passing of time. The last time we were up in the mountains, we stopped at a small bed and breakfast run by an elderly couple to eat lokumades which are a traditional Cypriot pastry filled with sweetened rose water. While we were sitting on the balcony of the building looking over the valley, we started hearing the sounds of a cello playing. Soon it was joined by other instruments and we decided that it was a school music program practicing. It was really a timeless, wonderful experience.

Today we went to an abandoned hotel. From what we've been told, this hotel was once very famous and a favorite of Egyptian royalty. It was standing on the hillside, a ghost of its former self, looking out over a large valley. It was constructed of stone with marble floors and a marble grand staircase in the entryway. These days it's in pretty bad shape and some places looked too dangerous to walk. We explored the parts we could but didn't want to die so we took it easy.

After the hotel, we continued up the mountain and found a little place with some shops where we sampled local wines and Ellis bought a belt made from local Cyprus leather. The town was very nice. It had just rained and the air was cool and clean and felt amazing. After we stopped there, we set off down the other side of the mountain for Limassol for their annual wine festival.

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