Thursday, September 24, 2009

Paris Day 3

Today we had been planning on going to the Louvre, but first we had to find a new hotel since the one we were staying in was booked. We talked to the person at the front desk who suggested a hotel around the corner about two blocks away. We walked over there and asked if they had any rooms available and they did, but just for one night. We took the room for a night and went back to hotel #1. The guy at the desk recommended a couple other places which also turned out to be full, but finally found one a couple miles away. He booked us a room and said we just needed to walk over there and pay. We looked on the map and it seemed close enough so we set off. The only problem was, we didn't have a name or an address. To this time, we still have no idea where that hotel is.

We showered, packed, checked out and then moved our stuff to Hotel #2, and then decided to go out and find that third hotel. We walked over to the area which turned out to be a lot further than it seemed on the map, but realized that there were many hotels in that area and we didn't even know what ours was called. After searching and searching we gave up. The location was far from ideal. There was a busy street and a train track close by. The neighborhood looked less appealing overall as well. We decided to make the most of the rest of our day and headed to a small little restaurant called "Le Escargot." Alexia had not had the fabled snails and this was the day she was going to try them. We had them as an appetizer and they were yummy. They were cooked in a basil, garlic, and butter sauce. It is hard to describe the taste, but it was not strong and it was very good. Alexia was feeling rather adventurous so she decided to order the restaurants special even though she had no idea what it was. Turns out it was a delicious, mouth watering heart attack on a plate. It was: ham, potatoes, onions, cheese, all cooked together with butter and crème fraise. AMAZING!

After lunch was over, it was too late to go to the Louvre so we decided to go explore our area of the city a bit more. Ellis really didn't pack any nice clothes and was eager to find something that didn't label him as "American living out of a backpack." There was one interesting part to this story. The last shop we went into was a shop dedicated to suits. We were just browsing around and getting a feel for things and one of the men who worked there pounced on us and started pulling out suits for Ellis to try on. He found a really nice one which fit very well, but turned out to be 675€ which was way too much. Ellis said it was too expensive, and he asked us our top price. Alexia said 200-250€ to be nice. A reasonable price for a suit we thought, but enough that they would leave it at that. The guy runs off and talks with the owner of the store and he comes over and says he'll give it to us for 300€. We're very confused at this point, and we said that our top price was 250€. Keep in mind, Ellis had only had the jacket on for 2 minutes and hadn't even tried on anything else. The man said, "Fine. 250€," and we were just dumbfounded. Ellis said "Maybe, we need to keep looking," and the man threw the suit coat on the table and stormed off. We were now very, very confused; it had all happened so fast. Quickly after that, we said we were sorry and ducked out of the store and headed on our way.

We went back to our hotel and stopped in a wine shop along the way. We bought a Bordeaux to go with the leftovers we had for dinner and then also a bottle of champagne for dessert. It was amazing to us how nice the wine was in Paris and how inexpensive it was if you shopped around a bit. We retired to our room and pulled the chairs in our room out onto the balcony. Our new room was on the 6th floor of this hotel right on the main drag, Boulevard St Germaine. From our balcony, you could see the spire of Notre Dame and all of the other building that made up the Paris skyline.

We were deciding between having dinner or champagne first, but the champagne was chilled then so we decided to drink that first and watched the sun set from our balcony. Afterward we ate leftovers and had our bottle of wine. Overall it was an amazing day in Paris.

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