Friday, September 25, 2009

Paris Day 4

We woke up the next day with still no hotel for the night. Ellis went down to check with the hotel manager if he had any cancellations for that night and he did! In fact, we could have the same room. This was good news. We decided to do the usual for breakfast and had croissants (.90€ a piece). Ellis had heard about this fantastic steak restaurant several blocks away from the Louvre. So our game plan for the day was to run errands, go to the restaurant, then go to the Louvre. Yet again, we step out of our hotel and there is a street fair going on so we buy some more cheese, strawberries and peaches and put them in the refrigerator for dinner and then set off for the restaurant.

We strolled to the restaurant, window shopping along the way. The restaurant was about 3km away from the hotel which was a walk, but not too long. When we arrived we were quickly sat at the only open table in the restaurant. The place smelled amazing and we saw wonderful plates of food being carried by. We were presented with the menu and began discussing our meal. There were all sorts of steak dishes to choose from as well as some things that were unknown to us. We saw a steak dish at the very bottom of the menu for two so we decided to go with that.

What they brought out was two enormous dishes completely covered in thick cut pieces of steak, homemade potato wedges, and a big bone full of marrow. As dressing we had three different types of mustard and really good gray sea salt. We also had a nice bottle of red wine to go with our dish. There was so much food. We got full and had the rest put in some foil for us to take home. After the restaurant we headed straight for the Louvre.

The outside of the Louvre was gorgeous. The building was intricately decorated. Each archway and each window had a different design carved into the stone. The famous glass pyramid is where we entered. We got our tickets and went exploring. First we went to the Medieval Louvre exhibit where they had excavated walls of the original castle that the Louvre was build on top of. After that we went to the section with the Egyptian antiquities where they had pink granite sphinxes, weaponry, pictographs, pillars, and of course sarcophagi. They also had a real mummy and some mummified animals. The Egyptian art was amazing. It was beautiful and extremely well preserved, even the wood carvings. This was probably due to the climate and that most was art was kept in tombs. Still, the art was 5000 years old and looked like it was only made 100 years ago. For instance, we saw a wooden and leather chair that you wouldn't be surprised to find at a simple antique store in Seattle.

We quickly went through the Oriental art and into the sculpture section were we some sculptures by Michelangelo, Donatello, the ancient Greeks and Romans. They were all spectacular. Then it was getting close to closing so we decided to see the Mona Lisa. It was small like everyone says but it wasn't a disappointment. The painting is gorgeous. We had a few minutes so we admired some other paintings. Once 5:30 came around we were all herded out of the museum by the guards who seemed to appear out of nowhere.

After the Louvre we just walked around the city some more looking at shops. We looked at some more landmarks then went on a hunt for the best ice cream in town with no luck. We then headed home and had our leftovers and market food for dinner with some wine. Then, as usual, we crashed out.

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