Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Last Sunday, we drove to the mountain village of Limnatis to visit Joanna's godparents to have a big meal with their family and deliver the kitten. We decided that this village would be a safer home for the kitten than the busy suburb of Nicosia where we were originally staying. We showed up in the early afternoon and found the little place. They had an orchard with olive trees, apricot trees, fig trees, grape vines, and almond trees. They had a chicken coop with a rooster and 17 chickens, one of which lived outside the coop because she and the rooster didn't get along. They had a small 2 room house (a big living area and a bathroom).

Once we got there we let the kitten roam around. The kitten was happy to be able to run around and got really dirty from all the exploring. Lunch started soon afterward. The food was spectacular. The meal consisted of Souvla, (barbequed lamb killed earlier that day), bulgar, salad, village bread, homemade French fries, Greek lasagna. This was probably the best lamb we've ever had. It was just simply spiced and then cooked over a wood fire. Just amazing. Don't worry Denea, there are pictures. After lunch, there was dessert and fresh fruit. We had so much food, most people fell asleep afterward. Instead of sleeping, we embarked on a hearts marathon with Philip.

After dinner, we drove into Larnaca where we moved into our new apartment.

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