Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hello readers. This blog will chronicle the adventures of Alexia and Ellis as we travel through Europe for two months. We are starting our trip in Cyprus visiting Alexia's family and from there we are flying into Paris where we will begin backpacking around Western Europe.

Planning for the trip started several months ago and entailed questioning several friends on their travels and about 20 trips to REI. We are expecting large dividend checks come next April. REI was quite helpful and several employees walked us around the store giving us advice from their travels and helping us remember things we needed. From backpacks to very expensive quick-drying underwear and European power adapters, we slowly accumulated all of the stuff we were going to bring in a big pile on the living-room floor.

On top of hours of planning and shopping trips across Seattle, one of Ellis' best friends was getting married and he was the best man for the wedding. We also had to move out of Alexia's apartment in the U-District and work right up until we left. This meant getting about 4 hours of sleep the day before we left.

Ellis' parents were amazing in letting us use their freshly cleaned living-room floor as a staging area for our trip as well as doing laundry, taking us to the airport and lots of moral support. Thanks so much!

After doing last minute laundry and packing, we went to Ellis' grandparents' house where we had been staying for a few days before we left. The next morning, we woke up early and did all the last minute packing as well as the final round of purging of clothes we really didn't need to bring along. Finally, we were all packed and ready to go. It was nice to have about 10 minutes to just sit down and breathe before picking Ellis' mom up to go to the airport.

Following the advice we'd been given, we arrived at the airport almost three hours early for our flight and prepared for the horrors of airport security. We somehow beat the crowd that was behind us and breezed through everything and 45 minutes after we arrived at the airport and unloaded our bags, we were sitting at the gate, ready to take off for Europe.

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